package protocol-9p

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module FLOW : V1_LWT.FLOW


type t

An established connection to a 9P client

val connect : Filesystem.t -> FLOW.flow -> ?msize:int32 -> ?exn_converter:exn_converter -> unit -> t Protocol_9p_error.t Lwt.t

Establish a fresh connection to a 9P client. msize gives the maximum message size we support: the client may request a lower value. receive_cb will be called with every 9P request.

val get_info : t -> Protocol_9p_info.t

Return information about the current connection

val disconnect : t -> unit Lwt.t

disconnect connection causes the connection connection to close after the next message is processed. Once the connection has been disconnected, the returned thread will resolve.

val after_disconnect : t -> unit Lwt.t

after_disconnect connection resolves after connection has disconnected.


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