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Decompress is a pure implementation of zlib. The goal is to create an available package for Mirage OS for zlib in OCaml (instead a C code).

We respect the interface of zlib and all flush mode is available (experimental):


The interface proposed is a non-blocking interface.



Decompress can be installed with opam:

opam install decompress

Sample programs

Sample program are located in the bin directory of the distribution. It can be built with (dependancy with Unix module, the cmdliner package and a C code):

ocamlbuild -use-ocamlfind bin/dpipe.native

Another good example is provided in bin/ with the signature:

val compress   : ?level:int -> string -> string
val uncompress : string -> string

And you can compile this program with:

ocamlbuild -use-ocamlfind bin/easy.native

But keep in your mind, it's an easy example and it's not optimized for a productive environment - so, don't copy/paste and think.

The documentation is available online to understand how to use Decompress.

Build Requirements

  • OCaml >= 4.03.0
  • base-bytes meta-package
  • Bigarray module (provided by the standard library of OCaml)
  • topkg, ocamlfind and ocamlbuild to build the project

If you want to compile the test program, you need:

  • camlzip to compare decompress with zlib
  • re.1.7.1
  • alcotest

Published: 09 Jul 2018

Dependencies (8)

  1. alcotest with-test
  2. re with-test & >= "1.7.2"
  3. camlzip with-test
  4. checkseum
  5. optint
  6. base-bytes
  7. jbuilder
  8. ocaml >= "4.03.0"

Reverse Dependencies