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A library to deal with RPCs in OCaml - Async interface


Dune Dependency





7.2.0 (October 2020)

  • ppx_deriving_rpc: fix a transitive dep on base to enable support for recent ppxlib

7.1.0 (June 2020)

  • Test suite refactoring

  • Port to latest ppxlib

  • Add ~strict flag to xmlrpc generation

  • Support encoding/decoding of base64

  • port to dune 2

  • Add the possibility of having null as params in a requests for JSON-RPC

7.0.0 (December 2019)

  • Add basic support for JSON-RPC notifications

6.1.0 (December 2019)

  • opam: updated bounds on a more conservative basis

  • travis: tests more compilers

  • tests: disable useless-object-inheritance on pylint checks

  • pythongen: generate python2-3 compatible bindings

  • Add ISC license

  • Incremented the upper bound for async's version.

  • Added lower bound for js_of_ocaml in related .opam file.

  • Fixed compilation issue with js_of_ocaml 3.5.0 and 3.5.1.

  • opam: remove the 'build' directive on dune dependency

  • opam: remove unnecessary flag

  • port to dune

6.0.0 (November 2018)

  • Fix ppx_deriving_rpc for newer ppxlib

  • test_pythongen: ignore W504, it's breaking the internet and is pointless

  • Add more tests and documentation

  • ppx_deriving_rpc: Switch to ppxlib from ppx_deriving

  • Fix marshalling of optional named parameters

  • Add failing test of optional/unnamed args for rpcs

  • CA-291118: Register an exception printer for IDL errors

5.8.0 (June 2018)

  • rpclib:

    • New Rpc.Types variants for 3- and 4-tuples

    • pythongen: fix generated exceptions

    • Remove broken Rpc_client

  • ppx_deriving_rpc:

    • rpcty ppx: Add support for 3- and 4-tuples

5.7.0 (June 2018) -- rpclib only

  • Add optional strict parameter to jsonrpc.of_string to ignore trailing junk from input. The old behaviour (strict=true) is the default.

5.6.0 (June 2018) --

  • rpclib, rpclib-async, rpclib-ppx:

    • Remove duplication in .mlis, expose MarshalError, add docs


    • Document IDL generator

  • rpclib:

    • pythongen test: make pylint checks stricter

5.5.0 (June 2018) -- rpclib only

  • pythongen:

    • Correctly call superclass init in exceptions

    • Generate classes for errors in interface

    • Fix tuple typechecking

5.4.0 (June 2018)

  • ppx_deriving_rpc:

    • rpcty ppx: Fix warning 27 in generated field setter

  • rpclib:

    • pythongen:

      • Fix Python argparse CLI

      • Fix generated _test class to pass typechecking

      • Add tests using CLI

5.3.0 (May 2018)

  • ppx_deriving_rpc:

    • rpcty ppx: Avoid warning 23: "with clause is useless"

  • rpclib:

    • markdowngen:

      • document params with same types but different defs

      • escape special HTML and markdown chars

5.2.0 (May 2018) -- rpclib only

  • markdowngen: document nested variants and structs

  • rpc: remove rpclib-html from compat layer

5.1.0 (May 2018)

  • Lint generated Python code in unit test

  • Reorganize tests & convert to alcotest

  • markdowngen: show content of structs and variants in the documentation

  • drop support for ocaml 4.03.0

  • pythongen: generate pythonic code that passes linting

  • pythongen: introduce an optional helpers field to inject custom versions of helpers

  • pythongen: use a dictionary lookup for the dispatchers

  • pythongen: display method description for methods

5.0.0 (May 2018)

  • camlp4: delete as it is moved in ocaml-rpc-legacy

  • port to jbuilder, and splut the library into

    • ppx_deriving_rpc

      • rpc (compatibility meta-package)

      • rpclib-async

      • rpclib-html

      • rpclib-js

      • rpclib-lwt

      • rpclib

4.2.0 (May 2018)

  • idl: support unnamed parameters in Lwt and Async GenClient & GenServer

  • Lwt, Async GenClient: use correct RPC call wire name

  • Make sure fns are added with correct name in GenServer

  • Add client<->server interop test for IDL

4.1.0 (Apr 2018)

  • rpc_lwt: runtime check if all server as been bound to a function

  • rpc_async: runtime check if all server as been bound to a function

  • Avoid stack overflow due to in Jsonrpc, Rpcmarshal, ppx

4.0.0 (Apr 2018)

  • Change marshalling of named optional arguments to exclude them from the argument record

  • Fix type checking for optional record fields

3.2.0 (Mar 2018)

  • make server check for completeness of the implementation

  • idl.mli: hide details of server impl

  • Add a space to store test data in an abstract type

  • Add the type name to the ppx-generated variant value

  • Improve the markdown documentation generator.

  • idl: enforce use of 'internal_error_of' in Error.Make

3.1.0 (Feb 2018)

  • ppx_deriving_rpcty: use native split_on_char on ocaml >= 4.04.0

  • ppx_deriving_rpcty: Fix 'Warning 27: unused variable x.' on deriving rpcty for structs

3.0.0 (Jan 2018)

  • lib: remove use of cppo after dropping support for ocaml 4.02.3

  • add support for async and core >= v0.9.0

2.3.0 (Jan 2018)

  • For tuple contains more than 2 elements, fix the element order when deriving rpcty

  • pythongen, rpc_genfake: improved failures for Abstract types

  • cmdlinergen: implement Abstract

  • add support for ocaml 4.06

  • Remove unnecessary warnings

  • Add failable tests for ocaml-4.06

  • opam: add upper bound to async

  • opam: remove [configure] from the build stanza

2.2.0 (Dec 2017)

  • Remove warnings by extending pattern matches in {cmdliner,markdown}gen

  • Redefined to_a with a safer interface

  • Add a way to explicitly mark a tuple list as a dict

  • Allow the use ocamldoc tags rather than [@doc ...]

  • Add an 'abstract' typ.

  • Deprecate xmlrpc from/to char producers

  • Deprecate jsonrpc from/to char producers

  • Port the jsonrpc module to yojson

2.1.0 (Sep 2017)

  • Add defaults for polymorphic variants (@jonludlam)

2.0.0 (Aug 2017)

  • Fix some cases of non-compliance with the JsonRpc v2.0 specs (@kc284)

  • Check the structure of error objects of JsonRpc v2.0 is spec compliant (@kc284)

  • Add new function to retrieve the version and id of JSON-RPC alongside the from the request body (@kc284)

1.9.53 (Jul 2017)

  • Delay evaluation of Cmdlinergen terms (API breaking change) (@jonludlam)

  • Accept marshalled ints when unmarshalling floats (@johnelse)

1.9.52 (Jun 2017)

  • Fix compilation on MacOS X (@djs55)

  • Add a ClientExnRpc functor that takes an RPC impl as argument (@jonludlam)

  • ppx_deriving_rpc: Fix marshalling of dictionaries in the rpcty code too (@jonludlam)

  • ppx_deriving_rpc: Allow unnamed parameters in functions to introduce compatibility with the old camlp4 idl (@jonludlam)

1.9.51 (May 2017)

  • Support Ocaml 4.03+ (@mseri)

  • Fixed javascript and htmlgen backends (@mseri)

1.9.50 (Mar 2017)

  • Add a ppx to replace 'with rpc'

  • Add a new mechanism for defining IDLs (inspired by ctypes), to replace the 'idl' syntax extension

1.6.0 (July 2016)

  • Add support for JSON-RPC v2

1.5.4 (June 2015)

  • Fix struct_extend handling of option types (with test)

  • Add opam file for development

  • Add travis

1.5.3 (Nov 2014)

  • Add a mechanism for performing upgrade

1.5.2 (June 2014)

  • Change license to ISC

1.5.1 (May 2014)

  • make js_of_ocaml dependency optional (@djs55)

1.5.0 (Oct 2013)

  • Abstract interface over Async and Lwt (@jonludlam)

  • Remove some debug messages (@djs55)

1.4.1 (May 2013)

  • Add support for using the browser's JSON parser (@jonludlam)

1.3.0 (Jan 2013)

  • Add support for Int32 (@jonludlam)

  • Make unmarshalling of variant types case insensitive (@jonludlam)

  • Make Xmlrpc and Jsonrpc interface look more alike (@jonludlam)

  • Support for recursive types in the IDL (@jonludlam)

  • Improve installation instructions (Daniel Weil)


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