package scfg

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Module type
Class type

Module providing functions to pretty print a config or parts of a config.

val indent_s : string Stdlib.ref

The string used to print one level of indentation. Defaults to two spaces.

val param : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> string -> unit

Print a name or a parameter on a given formatter. The function will try to print with as low quoting as possible.

val params : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> string list -> unit

Print a list of parameters on a given formatter.

val children : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> Types.directive list -> unit

Print children of a directive on a given formatter.

val directive : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> Types.directive -> unit

Print a directive on a given formatter.

val config : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> Types.config -> unit

Print a config on a given formatter.


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