package sqlite3

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Module type
Class type
type t

Type of a backup between two databases

val init : dst:db -> dst_name:string -> src:db -> src_name:string -> t

init ~dst ~dst_name ~src ~src_name initializes a backup from the database src/src_name to the database dst/dst_name.

  • raises SqliteError

    if there is already a read or read-write transaction open on the destination database

val step : t -> int -> Rc.t

step backup pagecount will copy up to pagecount pages between the associated databases of backup.

val finish : t -> Rc.t

finish backup destroys the association backup; this is to be called after step returns SQLITE_DONE.

val remaining : t -> int

remaining backup returns the number of pages still to be backed up in backup.

val pagecount : t -> int

pagecount backup returns the total number of pages in the source database of backup.


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