package tcpip

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type error = string
val protocol_to_int : protocol -> Cstruct.uint16
val pseudoheader : src:Ipaddr.V4.t -> dst:Ipaddr.V4.t -> proto:protocol -> int -> Cstruct.t

pseudoheader src dst proto len constructs a pseudoheader, suitable for inclusion in transport-layer checksum calculations, including the information supplied. len should be the total length of the transport-layer header and payload.

val into_cstruct : payload_len:int -> t -> Cstruct.t -> (unit, error) Stdlib.result

into_cstruct ~payload_len t buf attempts to write a header representing t (including t.options) into buf at offset 0. If there is insufficient space to represent t, an error will be returned.

val make_cstruct : payload_len:int -> t -> Cstruct.t

make_cstruct ~payload_len t allocates, fills, and returns a buffer repesenting the IPV4 header corresponding to t. If t.options is non-empty, t.options will be concatenated onto the result. A variable amount of memory (at least 20 bytes for a zero-length options field) will be allocated. Note: no space is allocated for the payload.


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