package tezos-baking-alpha

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method load_passwords : string Lwt_stream.t option
method read_file : string -> string Tezos_base__TzPervasives.tzresult Lwt.t

read_file path reads the content of the file given by path. Note that the whole content of the file is loaded into memory: you shouldn't read big files using this method. Errors that may be returned are implementation-dependent.

method with_lock : (unit -> 'a Lwt.t) -> 'a Lwt.t

with_lock f calls f () exclusively from any other function that is wrapped within with_lock.

method load : string -> default:'a -> 'a Data_encoding.encoding -> 'a Tezos_base__TzPervasives.tzresult Lwt.t

load alias ~default enc reads the file corresponding to the alias, and parses using encoding. If the file does not exist, then default is returned.

method write : string -> 'a -> 'a Data_encoding.encoding -> unit Tezos_base__TzPervasives.tzresult Lwt.t

write alias x encoding writes in a file corresponding to the alias the information given by x using the encoding.

method get_base_dir : string

Current base directory. Stores the information of keys (public key hashes, public keys, secret keys) and watermarks.


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