package tezos-sapling

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val init_params : unit -> unit

Loads the ZCash parameters for Groth16, searching them in:

  • /usr/share/zcash-params
  • ${OPAM_SWITCH_PREFIX}/share/zcash-params
  • ${HOME}/.zcash-params Only Sapling's parameters are loaded, not Sprout's.

This function must be called before any of the proving and verification functions requiring a context. Usually you should not need to call this function directly as it is done by the fist call to `with_{proving,verification}_ctx`. However you can call this function in order to:

  • pay its cost upfront and have more predictable latency later
  • make sure that the parameters are present in the system and avoid a failure later.
module Ciphertext : sig ... end
module Commitment : sig ... end
module CV : Core_sig.T_encoding with type t = Client.CV.t
module Hash : Core_sig.Hash with type commitment := Commitment.t with type t = Client.Hash.t
module UTXO = Client.UTXO
module Verification : sig ... end