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Open and reload URIs in web browsers.


Trying to load and reload URIs from the command line in a consistant manner across browsers and operating systems seems to be a hopeless endeavour.

In particular the reload strategy mentioned below—useful to edit websites, write API documentation or web application with Js_of_ocaml—is an indication of what should be done for what is believed to be the best user experience. However do not expect this work in all contexts (currently it only fully works with Chrome on Darwin and it is not even glitchless there).

If you know how to improve or extend the support for particular browsers and platforms get in touch here.

v0.6.0 — homepage


val reload : ?background:bool -> ?prefix:bool -> ?browser:Bos.Cmd.t -> string -> (unit, Rresult.R.msg) Rresult.result

reload ~background ~prefix ~browser uri tries to reload or open the URI uri or an URI prefixed by uri if prefix is true (defaults to false) in browser browser (if unspecified a platform dependent procedure is invoked to determine the user preference).

If background is true (defaults to false), the browser application should be kept in the background, only the reload should occur. If false the browser application and reloaded window should be brought into focus.

The reload should always lead to the reload of a single browser tab found as follows.

  1. Repeat from the frontmost browser window to the backmost one until a tab to reload is found:

    1. If the window's current tab's URI is uri (or is prefixed by uri when prefix is true), reload this tab.
    2. If the window has one or more tab whose URI is uri (or is prefixed by uri when prefix is true), pick the left most one, make it current in the window and reload it.
  2. If no tab was found, get the frontmost window. If the current tab has no URI, use that tab with uri otherwise create a new tab with uri and make it current for the window.

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