package win-eventlog

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Module type
Class type
  • deprecated The library is now wrapped. Use Win_eventlog.Eventlog instead.
type t

An event log handle, see register.

val register : ?server:string -> string -> t

register server source registers the source named source with the event log on server server. If server is None then the local event log is used.

type ty = [
  1. | `Success
  2. | `Audit_failure
  3. | `Audit_success
  4. | `Error
  5. | `Information
  6. | `Warning

Type of event to be logged.

val string_of_ty : ty -> string
val report : t -> ty -> int -> int -> string array -> unit

report t ty category event strings reports an event to the log t. The event has a global "type", as well as source-specific category and event ids. Each event takes an array of "insertion strings" -- the system log viewer will look up the category, event and user's language setting in the resource (.exe or .dll) associated with the event source in the registrty, and then "insert" the strings as parameters inside the template.