package xapi-stdext-encodings

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Xapi's standard library extension, Encodings


Dune Dependency





v4.24.0 (17-Jan-2024)

  • unix: really_read now retries reads on EINTR

  • std: add Listext.List.find_minimum

v4.23.0 (30-Oct-2023)

  • unix: fix blkgetsize return type mismatch (CA-382014)

  • unix: add function to recursively remove files

v4.22.0 (24-May-2023)

  • date, pervasive, std: remove deprecated code

  • encodings: Optimize XML_UTF8.is_valid: avoid allocating an int32 for each unicode codepoint

v4.21.0 (29-Nov-2022)

  • unix: add permissions to write_{bytes,string}_to_file

  • Use a dune version with fixed metadata generation

  • threads, unix: avoid using C functions deprecated in OCaml 5

  • Avoid warnings and add the check to detect them to the CI

  • zerocheck: remove wrong, unused code. It was dangerous to leave it available

v4.20.0 (17-Nov-2022)

  • date: consolidate the types into a single t

  • date: add conversion functions that have semantic meaning, the previous functions containing 'float' and 'string' will be deprecated in a future release.

v4.19.0 (17-Jun-2022)

  • maintenance: give a name to the project

  • threads: Remove all the modules except Mutex

  • Add license to opam metadata, remove unused opam files

v4.18.0 (15-Jun-2021)

  • CP-31119: Enable documentation upload

  • CP-31119: Prepare to generate documentation

  • CP-34643: Prepare doc comments for odoc

  • CP-34643: Reorder functions in listext interface

  • CP-34643: drop deprecated methods from listext

  • unix: remove unused stdext-std dependency

v4.17.0 (01-Mar-2021)

  • listext: avoid traversing list twice on assoc_default

  • maintenance: format with ocamlformat

  • maintenance: prepare for ocamlformat

  • CP-34643: listext: add drop function, rework some functions

  • CP-34643: add unit tests for listext

  • CP-34643: Listext: deprecate functions in Stdlib.List

  • CP-34643: listext: remove implementations for functions in Stdlib.List

v4.16.0 (29-Dec-2020)

  • ci: remove travis workflow

  • Create ocaml-ci.yml

  • date: allow timezones other than UTC for printing

  • XSI-894 date.iso8601.to_float should assume UTC

v4.15.0 (14-Dec-2020)

  • XSI-894 handle iso8601's with no timezone

  • maintenance: format xstringext files with ocamlformat

  • xapi-stdext-std: Do not duplicate functions from Stdlib

  • CP-34643: add tests for xstringext

  • maintenance: reformat pervasivesext with ocamlformat

  • CP-34643: Deprecated non-idiomatic pervasivesext functions

  • unixext: remove Fdset module and stubs

v4.14.0 (11-Aug-2020)

  • CP-33121: Move encodings test to the package directory

  • CP-33121: remove dependency of date in encodings tests

v4.13.0 (11-Aug-2020)

  • CA-342171 allow clients to create an iso8601 from localtime

v4.12.0 (24-Jul-2020)

  • CP-33121: run encodings tests as part of the encodings package

  • maintenance: update travis config

  • maintenance: prepare for ocamlformat

  • CP-33121: remove obsoleted modules and packages

v4.11.0 (24-Apr-2020)

  • CA-338243 remove legacy variant in iso8601

v4.09.0 (23-Apr-2020)

  • CA-338243 iso8601.to_string backwards compatibility

v4.8.0 (15-Apr-2020)

  • CA-333908 accept YYYY-MM-DD date format

  • unixext: better description for write___to_file

  • fixup! CP-32686: Ensure durability with atomic_write_to_file

  • fixup! CP-32686: Ensure durability with atomic_write_to_file

  • maintenance: whitespace

  • CP-32686: Ensure durability with atomic_write_to_file

  • ci: use environment vars from xs-opam

  • ci: do do not pin base64, it doesn't exist

v4.7.0 (04-Jun-2019)

  • CP-30756: Remove Base64

v4.6.0 (02-Apr-2019)

  • CA-314001: release runtime lock around long running system calls

v4.5.0 (13-Mar-2019)

  • Update .travis.yml

  • CA-310525 fix C binding for statvfs

4.4.1 (21-Jan-2019)

  • Replaced jbuild files with dune.

4.4.0 (05-Jul-2018): -- xapi-stdext-pervasives only

  • CA-292641: Use Logs to log cleanup exn instead of shadowing the original one with it

4.3.0 (30-May-2018):

  • CP-28365: improve backtraces by using finally

4.2.0 (25-May-2018): -- xapi-stdext-unix only

  • unixext: update interface to mimick the ocaml Unix one

4.1.0 (25-Apr-2018): -- xapi-stdext-unix only

  • really_write:

    • use single_write_substring and avoid an unsafe coercion

    • remove deprecation and make robust against EINTR

  • unixext_open_stubs: fix use of uninitialised variable

4.0.0 (15-Mar-2018):

  • Make safe-string safe (xap-stdext-{bigbuffer, encodings, std, threads, unix} 1.1.0)

  • Remove bigbuffer from the default stdext set of packages

  • Use backward compatible naming for stdext xapi-stdext

3.0.0 (02-Aug-2017):

  • Remove unused packages

  • Refactor in a backward compatible wrapper and 12 new separate libraries (see

  • Port to jbuilder

2.1.0 (20-Oct-2016):

  • New Semaphore module

2.0.0 (22-Jun-2016):

  • Namespace everything under Stdext. This is a backwards incompatible change.

0.13.0 (20-Nov-2014):

  • Depend on Backtrace from xapi-backtrace

  • Add an opam file

0.12.0 (26-Sep-2014):

  • Fix build errors on OS X

0.11.0 (30-May-2013):

  • Change Stringext module to Xstringext to avoid conflict with other packages

0.9.1 (10-Sep-2013):

  • Add Unixext.domain_of_addr

  • Add String.sub_{before,after}

0.9.0 (3-Jun-2013):

  • first public release


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