package xapi-stdext-unix

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Module type
Class type

Perform I/O in O_DIRECT mode using 4KiB page-aligned buffers

type t

represents a file open in O_DIRECT mode

val openfile : string -> Unix.open_flag list -> Unix.file_perm -> t

openfile name flags perm behaves the same as Unix.openfile but includes the O_DIRECT flag

val close : t -> unit

close t closes t, a file open in O_DIRECT mode

val with_openfile : string -> Unix.open_flag list -> Unix.file_perm -> (t -> 'a) -> 'a

with_openfile name flags perm f opens name, applies the result to f and closes

val write : t -> bytes -> int -> int -> int

write t buf ofs len writes len bytes at offset ofs from buffer buf to t using page-aligned buffers.

val copy_from_fd : ?limit:int64 -> Unix.file_descr -> t -> int64

copy_from_fd ?limit fd t copies from fd to t up to limit

val fsync : t -> unit

fsync t commits all outstanding writes, throwing an error if necessary.

val lseek : t -> int64 -> Unix.seek_command -> int64

lseek t offset command: see Unix.LargeFile.lseek


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