The OCaml Platform

The OCaml Platform combines the core OCaml compiler with a coherent set of tools, documentation, libraries, and testing resources.

Detailed instructions to install OCaml and the Platform tools are available in "Installing OCaml".

The Tools of the OCaml Platform

The individual OCaml Platform Tools go through a lifecycle from incubation to deprecation. Here is a list of all Platform Tools sorted by their lifecycle state.

Tools with a status of "active" or "sustain" are considered stable and mature. It is recommended to migrate away from "deprecating" platform tools in favor of supported alternatives, while "incubating" platform tools are under active development and may see substantial changes before they become ready for wider adoption.

The State of the OCaml Platform

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OCaml Workshop 2020

State of the OCaml Platform 2020

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Anil Madhavapeddy
University of Cambridge

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