package aws

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This module provides parsing / formatting for AWS style timestamps. For example: 2013-05-24T21:15:31.000Z It does not parse the milliseconds (it just truncates them).

val parse : string -> CalendarLib.Calendar.t

Produce a Calendar.t from a string formatted like 2013-05-24T21:15:31.000Z. Note that .000Z (or any milliseconds) are truncated.

Raises 'Invalid_argument' if the string does not match the format.

val date_time_iso8601 : CalendarLib.Calendar.t -> string
val now_utc : unit -> CalendarLib.Calendar.t
val format : CalendarLib.Calendar.t -> string

Formats a Calendar.t as 2013-05-24T21:15:31.000Z. Note that .000Z is always appended.


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