package textutils

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module type Io = sig ... end
module type S = sig ... end
module Make (Io : Io) : S with type 'a io := 'a Io.t and type 'a io_fmt := 'a Io.fmt and type out_channel := Io.out_channel
include S with type 'a io := 'a and type 'a io_fmt := ('a, Core.Out_channel.t, unit) Core.format and type out_channel := Core.Out_channel.t
module Ansi : sig ... end

Handling of ansi codes.

val is_color_tty : unit -> bool
val width : unit -> [ `Cols of int | `Not_a_tty | `Not_available ]

The width in characters of the current output. Returns `Not_a_tty if stdout is not connected to a tty.

val print_list : Core.Out_channel.t -> (string * Ansi.attr list) list -> unit

print a list in a columnize way (like the output of ls)


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