package async_rpc_kernel

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Module type
Class type
include Version_shared
type query
val bin_shape_query : Core.Bin_prot.Shape.t
val bin_size_query : query Core.Bin_prot.Size.sizer
val bin_write_query : query Core.Bin_prot.Write.writer
val bin_writer_query : query Core.Bin_prot.Type_class.writer
val bin_read_query : query Core.Bin_prot.Read.reader
val __bin_read_query__ : (int -> query) Core.Bin_prot.Read.reader
val bin_reader_query : query Core.Bin_prot.Type_class.reader
type response
val bin_shape_response : Core.Bin_prot.Shape.t
val bin_size_response : response Core.Bin_prot.Size.sizer
val bin_write_response : response Core.Bin_prot.Write.writer
val bin_writer_response : response Core.Bin_prot.Type_class.writer
val bin_read_response : response Core.Bin_prot.Read.reader
val __bin_read_response__ : (int -> response) Core.Bin_prot.Read.reader
val bin_reader_response : response Core.Bin_prot.Type_class.reader
type error
val bin_shape_error : Core.Bin_prot.Shape.t
val bin_size_error : error Core.Bin_prot.Size.sizer
val bin_write_error : error Core.Bin_prot.Write.writer
val bin_writer_error : error Core.Bin_prot.Type_class.writer
val bin_read_error : error Core.Bin_prot.Read.reader
val __bin_read_error__ : (int -> error) Core.Bin_prot.Read.reader
val bin_reader_error : error Core.Bin_prot.Type_class.reader
val version : int
val query_of_model : Model.query -> query
val model_of_error : error -> Model.error
val client_pushes_back : bool

model_of_response should never raise exceptions. If it does, dispatch_multi is going to raise, which is not supposed to happen.

One may not call dispatch_iter_multi when using Register_raw as Pipe_rpc.dispatch_iter never has access to a pipe.


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