package pkcs11-driver

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Module type
Class type

Data: input and output of encryption functions.

An element of type t is a structure made of a pointer to a C string, and its length. It is easy to convert this type to and from OCaml strings.

The reason we use this type is that some PKCS#11 functions require a two step interraction, in which one first gives a null pointer (with length 0) to a function, which modifies the length of the data. Then, the user allocates memory for this Data.t, and performs a second call to the function.

type t
val to_string : t -> string
val of_string : string -> t
val string_of_raw : 'a Ctypes.ptr -> Unsigned.ULong.t -> string
val create : unit -> t

create () allocates a new t with length 0, and content the null pointer.

val allocate : t -> unit

allocate t updates the content of the t structure to point to freshly allocated memory.

val get_content : t -> Pkcs11_CK_BYTE.t Ctypes.ptr
val get_length : t -> P11_ulong.t
val get_length_addr : t -> P11_ulong.t Ctypes.ptr

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