package ocamlgraph

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Signature of persistent graphs.

<b>Edges may be labeled or not</b>:

  • Unlabeled: there is no label on edges
  • Labeled: you have to provide a label implementation as a functor parameter.

<b>Vertices may be concrete or abstract</b>:

  • Concrete: type of vertex labels and type of vertices are identified.
  • Abstract: type of vertices is abstract (in particular it is not equal to type of vertex labels

<b>How to choose between concrete and abstract vertices for my graph implementation</b>?

Usually, if you fall into one of the following cases, use abstract vertices:

  • you cannot provide efficient comparison/hash functions for vertices; or
  • you wish to get two different vertices with the same label.

In other cases, it is certainly easier to use concrete vertices.

module Concrete (V : Sig.COMPARABLE) : Sig.P with type V.t = V.t and type V.label = V.t and type E.t = V.t * V.t and type E.label = unit

Persistent Unlabeled Graphs.

module Abstract (V : Sig.ANY_TYPE) : Sig.P with type V.label = V.t and type E.label = unit

Abstract Persistent Unlabeled Graphs.

module ConcreteLabeled (V : Sig.COMPARABLE) (E : Sig.ORDERED_TYPE_DFT) : Sig.P with type V.t = V.t and type V.label = V.t and type E.t = V.t * E.t * V.t and type E.label = E.t

Persistent Labeled Graphs.

Abstract Persistent Labeled Graphs.


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