package lwt

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type t

An Exception_filter.t is a value which indicates to Lwt what exceptions to catch and what exceptions to let bubble up all the way out of the main loop immediately.

val handle_all : t

handle_all is the default filter. With it the all the exceptions (including Out_of_memory and Stack_overflow) can be handled: caught and transformed into rejected promises.

val handle_all_except_runtime : t

handle_all_except_runtime is a filter which lets the OCaml runtime exceptions (Out_of_memory and Stack_overflow) go through all the Lwt abstractions and bubble all the way out of the call to

Note that if you set this handler, then the runtime exceptions leave the Lwt internal state inconsistent. For this reason, you will not be able to call again after such an exception has escaped

val set : t -> unit

set sets the given exception filter globally. You should call this function at most once during the start of your program, before the first call to


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