package tezos-protocol-009-PsFLoren

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Module type
Class type

Set of protocol proposal with corresponding proposer delegate

type context = Raw_context.t
val mem : context -> elt -> bool Lwt.t

Tells if a elt is a member of the set

val add : context -> elt -> Raw_context.t Lwt.t

Adds a elt is a member of the set

val remove : context -> elt -> Raw_context.t Lwt.t

Removes a elt of the set ; does nothing if not a member

val elements : context -> elt list Lwt.t

Returns the elements of the set, deserialized in a list in no particular order.

val fold : context -> init:'a -> f:(elt -> 'a -> 'a Lwt.t) -> 'a Lwt.t

Iterates over the elements of the set.

val clear : context -> Raw_context.t Lwt.t

Removes all elements in the set


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