package repr

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Overlay on top of Jsonm to work with rewindable streams.

type decoder

The type for JSON decoder.

val decoder : ?encoding:[< Jsonm.encoding ] -> [< Jsonm.src ] -> decoder

Same as Jsonm.decoder.

val decode : decoder -> [> `Await | `End | `Error of Jsonm.error | `Lexeme of Jsonm.lexeme ]

Same as Jsonm.decode.

val rewind : decoder -> Jsonm.lexeme -> unit

rewind d l rewinds l on top of the current state of d. This allows to put back lexemes already seen.

val assoc : 'a Repr__.Type.t -> (string * 'a) list Repr__.Type.t

assoc v is the typerepr of an association list (assoc) in which keys are strings and values are of typerepr v. The JSON codec represents such an assoc as a JSON object.


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