package pkcs11

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type t

Parameters for CKM_AES_KEY_WRAP. Note that the name of this module is not in PKCS11, where it is just described as a nullable pointer.

val equal : t -> t -> Ppx_deriving_runtime.bool
val compare : t -> t ->
val pp : Ppx_deriving_runtime.Format.formatter -> t -> Ppx_deriving_runtime.unit
val to_yojson : t -> Yojson.Safe.t
val default : t

Use the default IV as specified in the AES-KEYWRAP specification.

val explicit : string -> t

Use this IV. It should be exactly 8 bytes long for PKCS11 compliant DLLs.

val explicit_iv : t -> string option

Return the explicit IV, or None if the default value was used.


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