package async_unix

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Dump core if jobs are delayed, to get additional debug information when running on UNIX systems that support core dumps.

It is not normally enabled, but may be enabled for any program by setting the appropriate field, dump_core_on_job_delay, in the ASYNC_CONFIG environment variable.

module How_to_dump : sig ... end
val start_watching : dump_if_delayed_by:Time_float_unix.Span.t -> how_to_dump:How_to_dump.t -> unit

start_watching starts a regular async job (via Clock.every) that increments a counter, and a C thread to make sure that the counter is incremented in a timely manner.

val dump_core : ?how_to_dump:How_to_dump.t -> unit -> unit

dump_core () dumps a core file using /usr/bin/gcore if it exists, or by calling abort() if not (or with ~how_to_dump:Call_abort). With gcore, the dump is done in a child process, and the core file is written to /tmp/core.$N.$PID, where $PID is the process id and $N is a counter that is incremented on each call to dump_core.


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