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Module type
Class type

Binary coding of values.


type 'a enc = Stdlib.Buffer.t -> 'a -> unit

The type for encoders of values of type 'a. The call enc b v must encode v in buffer b.


type 'a dec = string -> int -> int * 'a

The type for decoders of values of type 'a. The call dec s i must decode a value in s starting at i (which may be String.length s) and return the index of the byte in s after the decoded value (this can be String.length s). The function must raise Failure in case of error, use err for this.

val err : int -> ('a, Stdlib.Format.formatter, unit, 'b) Stdlib.format4 -> 'a

err i fmt reports a decoding error for position i formatted according to fmt.

val err_byte : kind:string -> int -> int -> 'a

err_byte ~kind i byte report an error for the unexpected byte byte at position i for decoding a value of type kind.

val get_byte : string -> int -> int

get_byte s i is the byte s.[i]. Does not check that i is in bounds.

val dec_eoi : string -> int -> unit

dec_eoi s i asserts that i is exactly at the end of input, i.e. String.length s.


type 'a t

The type for encoding and decoding values of type 'a.

val v : 'a enc -> 'a dec -> 'a t

v enc dec is a decoder using enc to encode and dec to decode.

val enc : 'a t -> 'a enc

enc c is c's encoder.

val dec : 'a t -> 'a dec

dec c is c's decoder.

val to_string : ?buf:Stdlib.Buffer.t -> 'a t -> 'a -> string

encode c v encodes v using c (and buf if provided, it is the client's duty to reset it before an encoding).

val of_string : ?file:Fpath.t -> 'a t -> string -> ('a, string) Stdlib.result

of_string ~file c s decodes a value from s using c and dec_eoi. In case of error file is mentioned in the error message (defaults to Os.File.dash).

Base codecs

Magic numbers

val enc_magic : string -> unit enc

enc_magic m encodes string m as a magic number.

val dec_magic : string -> unit dec

dec_magic m decodes magic number m and returns the next index to read from.

val magic : string -> unit t

magic m is a codec for magic number m.


val enc_byte : int enc

enc_byte is a byte encoder. Values larger than 0xFF are truncated.

val dec_byte : kind:string -> int dec

dec_byte decodes a byte for a value of type kind (used with err_byte)

val byte : kind:string -> int t

byte codecs a byte for a value of type kind (used with err_byte).


val enc_unit : unit enc

enc_unit encodes unit.

val dec_unit : unit dec

dec_unit decodes unit.

val unit : unit t

unti is a codec for unit.


val enc_bool : bool enc

enc_bool encodes a boolean.

val dec_bool : bool dec

dec_bool decodes a boolean.

val bool : bool t

bool is a codec for bool.


val enc_int : int enc

enc_int encodes an integer. The encoding does not depend on Sys.word_size.

val dec_int : int dec

dec_int dedodes an integer. Warning. An int encoded on a 64-bit platform may end up being truncated if read back on 32-bit platform.

val int : int t

int is a codec for integers.


val enc_int64 : int64 enc

enc_int64 encodes an int64.

val dec_int64 : int64 dec

dec_int64 decodes an int64.

val int64 : int64 t

int64 is a coded for int64.


val enc_string : string enc

enc_string encodes a string.

val dec_string : string dec

dec_string decodes a string.

val string : string t

string is a codec for string.


val enc_fpath : Fpath.t enc

enc_fpath encodes an Fpath.t.

val dec_fpath : Fpath.t dec

dec_fpath decodes an Fpath.t.

val fpath : Fpath.t t

fpath is a coded for !Fpath.t.


val enc_list : 'a enc -> 'a list enc

enc_list enc encodes the elements of a list using enc.

val dec_list : 'a dec -> 'a list dec

dec_list dec decodes the lements of a list using dec.

val list : 'a t -> 'a list t

list c is a codec for lists of elements coded with c.


val enc_option : 'a enc -> 'a option enc

enc_option enc encodes an option using enc for the Some case value.

val dec_option : 'a dec -> 'a option dec

dec_option dec decodes an option using dec for the Some case value.

val option : 'a t -> 'a option t

option c is a codec for options with Some elements coded with c.


val enc_result : ok:'a enc -> error:'b enc -> ('a, 'b) Stdlib.result enc

enc_result ~ok ~error encodes a result value with the corresponding case encoders.

val dec_result : ok:'a dec -> error:'b dec -> ('a, 'b) Stdlib.result dec

dec_result ~ok ~error decodes a result value with the corresponding case decoders.

val result : ok:'a t -> error:'b t -> ('a, 'b) Stdlib.result t

result is a codec for results with Ok elements coded with ok and Error elements coded with error.


val enc_set : (module Stdlib.Set.S with type elt = 'a and type t = 'set) -> 'a enc -> 'set enc

enc_set (module S) enc encodes S.t sets using enc for its elements.

val dec_set : (module Stdlib.Set.S with type elt = 'a and type t = 'set) -> 'a dec -> 'set dec

dec_set (module S) dec decodes S.t sets with dec for its elements.

val set : (module Stdlib.Set.S with type elt = 'a and type t = 'set) -> 'a t -> 'set t

set (module S) c is a codec for S.t sets using c for its elements.


val enc_hash : Hash.t enc

enc_hash encodes a Hash.t.

val dec_hash : Hash.t dec

dec_hash decodes a Hash.t.

val hash : Hash.t t

hash is a codec for Hash.t


val enc_time_span : Mtime.span enc

enc_time_span encodes a Mtime.span.

val dec_time_span : Mtime.span dec

dec_time_span decodes a Mtime.span.

val time_span : Mtime.span t

time_span is a codec for Mtime.span.


val enc_cpu_time_span : Os.Cpu.Time.span enc

enc_cpu_time_span encodes a Os.Cpu.Time.span.

val dec_cpu_time_span : Os.Cpu.Time.span dec

dec_cpu_time_span decodes a Os.Cpu.Time.span.

val cpu_time_span : Os.Cpu.Time.span t

cpu_time_span is a codec for Os.Cpu.Time.span.


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