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Monotonic time stamps and spans.

This module provides support for representing monotonic wall-clock time. This time increases monotonically and is not subject to operating system calendar time adjustement. Its absolute value is meaningless.

To obtain monotonic time stamps and measure it use Os.Mtime.

Monotonic time spans

type span

The type for non-negative monotonic time spans. They represent the difference between two monotonic clock readings with nanosecond precision (1e-9s) and can measure up to approximatevely 584 Julian year spans before silently rolling over (unlikely since this is in a single program run).

module Span : sig ... end

Monotonic time spans

Monotonic timestamps

Note. Only use timestamps if you need inter-process time correlation, otherwise prefer Os.Mtime.elapsed and counters to measure time.

type t

The type for monotonic timestamps relative to an indeterminate system-wide event (e.g. last startup). Their absolute value has no meaning but can be used for inter-process time correlation.

val to_uint64_ns : t -> int64

to_uint64_ns t is t as an unsigned 64-bit integer nanosecond timestamp. The absolute value is meaningless.

val of_uint64_ns : int64 -> t

to_uint64_ns t is t is an unsigned 64-bit integer nanosecond timestamp as a timestamp.

Warning. Timestamps returned by this function should only be used with other timestamp values that are know to come from the same operating system run.

val min_stamp : t

min_stamp is the earliest timestamp.

val max_stamp : t

max_stamp is the latest timestamp.

val pp : t Fmt.t

pp is a formatter for timestamps.


val equal : t -> t -> bool

equal t t' is true iff t and t' are equal.

val compare : t -> t -> int

compare t t' orders timestamps by increasing time.

val is_earlier : t -> than:t -> bool

is_earlier t ~than is true iff t occurred before than.

val is_later : t -> than:t -> bool

is_later t ~than is true iff t occurred after than.


val span : t -> t -> span

span t t' is the span between t and t' regardless of the order between t and t'.

val add_span : t -> span -> t option

add_span t s is the timestamp s units later than t or None if the result overflows.

val sub_span : t -> span -> t option

sub_span t s is the timestamp s units earlier than t or None if overflows.


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