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Design considerations and todo

B0 file

  • file finding. Should we stop at the last file upwards ? This would be nice if you operate in a vendored dir. But this also avoid problems like I do a checkout e.g. in a scratch directory in _b0 to build it. On the other hand we have --b0-file for these cases.
  • Should a @@@B0.version be added ? Think harder about it an especially with respect to B0_kit.V000 versioning. and coherence with @@@B0.includes. Also we could require to specify say #require "b0.kit.v000". Write down a few properties we would like to have w.r.t. opam and/or inclusion and end-user support.
  • Scope name for libraries the lib think may not be that good and rather confusing. Maybe devise a specific notation to access library definitions and allow dots in their name. ("/my.def.bla")

B0 library

Unit dynamic meta

For now we used 'a Fut B0_beta.key.

  • See how it goes fares for sync. Push/pull.
  • What about serializing them so that it can be read by `b0 unit get` ?

Unit actions

The current implementations raises a few questions. It will need to be refined, see B0_unit.action.

  • action/cmdlet overlap
  • Should we have the action as a meta key ?
  • The action needs to be run or be aware of the deployement environment.
  • Maybe we don't need to be given the build and simply let the unit's dynamic meta have whatever is needed.
  • If we get a fast up-to-date check. How to we get the dynamic meta. (serialize ?).
  • Should actions be definitions to apply on units ? Seems to get into testing territory.
  • Action cwd. Often we want scope. But maybe it's better to leave it free-weeling and define a cmdlet that invokes it with a cwd with the scope. Should we distinguish a `-a` (honours cwd) and `-e` ? or a `--cwd` option to override the action ?

b0 tool

  • b0 build consider -x|-u ordering ?

Build API conventions

  • Should ?meta be the initial or override an initial meta done by the combinator. initial ensures gets do not blow, but it could be nice to be able to override auto-derivations

Build fragments

At the B0 level we need to expose build fragments. It seems the build procedures of units is a good candidate but for now it's a bit unconvient to do that. We need to clarify the configuration store and dynamic metadata see Unit dynamic meta.

For now as a temporary hack we add the wrap parameter to units.


The signature of B00.Memo.write looks wrong you want a fut. E.g. we don't want to the Fut.sync here.

let crunch_file m file ~in_dir =
  let open Fut.Syntax in
  let mn = B00_ocaml.Mod.Name.of_mangled_filename (Fpath.basename file) in
  let out = Fpath.(in_dir / String.Ascii.uncapitalize mn + ".ml") in
  B00.Memo.write m out ~reads:[file] begin fun () ->
  (* FIXME b0 the sig of write is wrong *)
  let data = Fut.sync ( m file) in
  Ok (B00_ocaml.Crunch.string_to_string ~id:"file" ~data)
  Fut.return out


  • Worfklow to easily check opam file in sync. Part of more general workflow ?


  • More API, we likely want a bit of datastructures.
  • Default cli driver, integrate with the plans on general actions.
  • Parallel execution
  • Progress
  • VCS agnostic, i.e. fill-in the hg support
  • Full run effect spec and checks. E.g. exit code, via a dedicated machine readable file that is updated by the run.
  • Get a story for binary/visual regression. First we should have a good `git difftool` and `pixeldrift` setup regardless of testing. Then we likely want combinators that automatically checkout the rewritten path if the perception threshold is not trigerred. Basically in case we detect a modified `path`, invoke a perceptual tool with `path` and `git show HEAD:path`, if the tool exits with 0 do a `git checkout path` to make it as if nothing happened.
  • Decide on path relativisation (more generally in b0)
  • Should we automatically collect outcomes in B0_outcome.t values ? Maybe add primitives and do it automatically for derived expectations.

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