A parser library for automated deduction
Module type
Class type
Library dolmen.std

Type and std functions

type value =
| Integer(*

Integers (in base 10 notation), e.g. "123456789"

| Rational(*

Rational (using quotient notation with '/'), e.g. "123/456"

| Real(*

Real (using decimal floating point notation with exponent), e.g. "123.456e789"

| Binary(*

Bitvector in binary notation, e.g. "0b011010111010"

| Hexadecimal(*

Bitvector in hexadecimal notation, e.g. "0x9a23e5f"

| Bitvector(*

Bitvector litteral.

| String(*

String litterals.


Types of lexical values typically encountered.

type t =
| Var(*

Namespace for variables. Not all variables are necessarily in this namespace, but ids in this namespace must be variables.

| Sort(*

Namepsace for sorts and types (only used in smtlib)

| Term(*

Most used namespace, used for terms in general (and types outside smtlib).

| Attr(*

Namespace for attributes (also called annotations).

| Decl(*

Namespace used for naming declarations/definitions/statements...

| Track(*

Namespace used to track specific values throughout some files.

| Value of value(*

The identifier is a value, encoded in a string. Examples include arithmetic constants (e.g. "123456", "123/456", "123.456e789"), bitvectors (i.e. binary notation), etc...


Namespaces, used to record the lexical scop in which an identifier was parsed.

val hash : t -> int
val equal : t -> t -> bool
val compare : t -> t -> int

Std functions

val print : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> t -> unit

Printing function.

module Map : Maps.S with type key := t

Maps on namespaces


val var : t

The variable namespace.

val sort : t

The sort namespace.

val term : t

The term namespace.

val attr : t

Teh attribute namespace.

val decl : t

The declaration namespace.

val track : t

Namespace used for identifiers used for tracking/special identification.