package dolmen_loop

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common interface

include State_intf.Common
type t

The type of state

exception Error of t

Convenient exception.

val warn : ?loc:Dolmen.Std.Loc.full -> t -> 'a Report.Warning.t -> 'a -> t

Emit a warning

val error : ?loc:Dolmen.Std.Loc.full -> t -> 'a Report.Error.t -> 'a -> t

Emit an error.

val input_file_loc : t -> Dolmen.Std.Loc.file

CUrrent input file location meta-data.

val set_input_file_loc : t -> Dolmen.Std.Loc.file -> t

Set the input file location meta-data.

val prelude : t -> string

Some prelude to print at the begining of lines when in interactive mode.

val is_interactive : t -> bool

Whether we are running in interactive mode.

val set_mode : t -> State_intf.mode -> t
val set_lang : t -> Logic.language -> t

Set the input language.

val input_mode : t -> State_intf.mode option

Return the current mode (if any).

val input_lang : t -> Logic.language option

Return the input language (if any).

val input_dir : t -> string

Return the directory of the input source (e.g. the directory of the input file, or the current directory if in interactive mode).

val input_source : t -> State_intf.source

Return the input source.


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