package dolmen_loop

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This module provides convenient pipes for parsing and dealing with includes.


module Expr : Expr_intf.S



Parsing function. Reads a list of prelude statements, and the state and returns a tuple of the new state (including the detected input language), together with a statement generator.

val expand : State.t -> Dolmen.Std.Statement.t -> State.t * [ `Ok | `Gen of (State.t -> State.t -> State.t) * (State.t -> State.t * Dolmen.Std.Statement.t option) ]

Expand statements (such as includes). Returns the new state, and either:

  • `Ok , which means the statement can be propagated as is
  • `Gen (flat, g) , if the statement expands into a generator g. The bool flat indicates wether the statements in g should be treated as a single group of statements (with regards to timeouts, etc...), or as a list of independant statements (each with its own timeout...).

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