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0.7 2019-02-06

  • Release the runtime lock during IO (@brendanlong).

  • Many fixes to the C stubs of Dblib and Ct thanks to @brendanlong. In particular, raising exceptions on Dblib errors should no longer bring havoc to the DBPROCESS.

  • Port to Dune and dune.configurator.

0.6 2018-05-29

  • Add a parameter version to Dblib.connect to be able to choose the protocol version. Explain how the old protocol versions do not allow empty strings which will be returned as ' '.

  • Keep the compatibility with FreeTDS version < 0.91.

  • Keep int64 as such on the OCaml side (they used to be transformed into strings).

  • Document Dblib.severity.

  • Make error messages more informative by splicing the binding on a finer level. A configure script ensures the synchronization with values defined in the C header files.

  • Add tests for Dblib and Ct (checked by AppVeyor on Windows/mingw).

  • Improve the interface of Ct.get_messages.

  • Complete the depexts list.

0.5.2 2018-04-15

  • Better error messages (commits #94134f7 and #bdc2c99)

  • Port to Jbuilder/Dune (Brendan Long) and topkg

  • Add basic unit tests (Brendan Long)

  • Fix all build warnings

  • Improve Travis CI scripts