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OCaml FreeTDS Binding

OCaml FreeTDS is a binding to portions of the db-lib and ct-lib of the FreeTDS library, for interfacing with Sybase and Microsoft SQL databases.

See the online documentation.


Before installing the bindings, you must have the development package of FreeTDS on your system. See freetds.opam to know what (system) package to install.

The simplest way of installing this library is to use opam:

opam install freetds

If you cloned this repository, issue make to compile. To install: make install.

To run the tests, you must first set the environment variables MSSQL_TEST_USER, MSSQL_TEST_PASSWORD, MSSQL_TEST_SERVER and MSSQL_TEST_DATABASE and, if necessary, TDSVER (see appveyor.yml for example values). Then type make test.


In the examples subdirectory is a simple SQL dispatcher script written against the Dblib and the Ct modules.

Known Bugs And Limitations

  • Some data types, such as datetimes, are returned as strings, because I haven't had time to write a good binding for them yet.



ocaml-freetds is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser Public License, version 2.1 See the file for details.