package janestreet_cpuid

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Module type
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On Intel CPUs the leaf retrieved when EAX is set to 0x1 contains processor model information as well as some basic features about the processor. Typically if you're checking a flag in this section it's probably available on every machine that we run on (our machines tend towards modernity) but good on you for checking!

module Eax : sig ... end

This information can be used to build a unique identifier for a given processor, which can be useful for any pre-computed data which you need to index into based on what machine it's running on.

module Ebx : sig ... end

This is the only field in the CPUID which changes when called multiple times. The initial_apic_id field changes based on which core the process is currently running on. *

module Ecx_flags : sig ... end
module Edx_flags : sig ... end
type t = {
  1. eax : Eax.t;
  2. ebx : Ebx.t;
  3. mutable ecx : Ecx_flags.t;
  4. mutable edx : Edx_flags.t;
val sexp_of_t : t -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t
val canonical_version_string : t -> string
val retrieve : unit -> t
module For_testing : sig ... end

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