package msat

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Term printing for DOT

This module defines what functions are required in order to export a proof to the DOT format.

type atom

The type of atomic formuals

type hyp
type lemma
type assumption

The type of theory-specifi proofs (also called lemmas).

val print_atom : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> atom -> unit

Print the contents of the given atomic formulas. WARNING: this function should take care to escape and/or not output special reserved characters for the dot format (such as quotes and so on).

val hyp_info : hyp -> string * string option * (Stdlib.Format.formatter -> unit -> unit) list
val lemma_info : lemma -> string * string option * (Stdlib.Format.formatter -> unit -> unit) list
val assumption_info : assumption -> string * string option * (Stdlib.Format.formatter -> unit -> unit) list

Generate some information about the leafs of the proof tree. Currently this backend print each lemma/assumption/hypothesis as a single leaf of the proof tree. These function should return a triplet (rule, color, l), such that:

  • rule is a name for the proof (arbitrary, does not need to be unique, but should rather be descriptive)
  • color is a color name (optional) understood by DOT
  • l is a list of printers that will be called to print some additional information

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