package nbd

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A Server which allows you to expose an existing block device to remote clients over NBD.

include S.SERVER
type t

An open connection to an NBD client

type size = int64

The size of a remote disk

type name = string

The name of an export. In the 'new style' protocol as used in nbd >= 2.9.17 the client must select an export by name.

val connect : -> ?offer:name list -> unit -> (name * t) Lwt.t

connect channel ?offer () performs the 'new style' initial handshake and options negotiation. If ?offer is provided then these names will be returned if the client requests a list of exports, otherwise we will return EPERM. The client's choice of name is returned which must be looked up by the application. If the name is invalid, the only option is to close the connection. If the name is valid then use the serve function.

val serve : t -> (module V1_LWT.BLOCK with type t = 'b) -> 'b -> unit Lwt.t

serve t block b runs forever processing requests from t, using block device type b.

val close : t -> unit Lwt.t

close t shuts down the connection t and frees any allocated resources