package nbd

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nbd 2.2.0


This package provides the following libraries (via dune):



  • Nbd.Channel Channels represent connections between clients and servers.
  • Nbd.Client An NBD client which allows you to connect to remote disks and perform I/O.
  • Nbd.Mirror
  • Nbd.Mux
  • Nbd.Nbd_result
  • Nbd.Protocol Types representing NBD protocol requests and responses.
  • Nbd.S Common signatures used in the library.
  • Nbd.Server A Server which allows you to expose an existing block device to remote clients over NBD.

Dependencies: cstruct, io-page, lwt, mirage-types.lwt, ppx_sexp_conv, sexplib


Documentation: Nbd_lwt_unix

Dependencies: cstruct.lwt, io-page, io-page.unix, lwt, lwt.unix, mirage-types.lwt, nbd