package tls-async

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Module for encoding and decoding OCSP requests.

type for Request

val pp : t Fmt.t

pp ppf request pretty prints request

val validate : t -> ?allowed_hashes:Mirage_crypto.Hash.hash list -> X509.Public_key.t -> (unit, [> X509.Validation.signature_error | `No_signature ]) Stdlib.result

validate request key validates the signature of request with the pulic key.

val requestor_name : t -> X509.General_name.b option

requestor_name request is requestorName from this request

val cert_ids : t -> X509.OCSP.cert_id list

cert_ids request is cert ids from this request

val encode_der : t -> Cstruct.t

encode_der request encodes request into buffer

val create : ?certs:Certificate.t list -> ?digest:Mirage_crypto.Hash.hash -> ?requestor_name:General_name.b -> ?key:Private_key.t -> cert_id list -> t Core.Or_error.t
val decode_der : contents:string -> t Core.Or_error.t