package tls-async

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Helper functions for Async_unix-specific IO operations commonly used with X509 certificates, such as loading from a Unix filesystem

include module type of struct include X509 end
module Host = X509.Host

Hostnames (strict, wildcard), used for validation.

module Key_type = X509.Key_type

Types of keys

module General_name = X509.General_name

A list of general_names is the value of both subjectAltName and IssuerAltName extension.

module Extension = X509.Extension

X.509v3 extensions

module Validation = X509.Validation

Chain Validation.

Certificate Signing request

module Authenticator : sig ... end
module Private_key : sig ... end
module Public_key : sig ... end
module Certificate : sig ... end
module Distinguished_name : sig ... end
module CRL : sig ... end
module OCSP : sig ... end
module PKCS12 : sig ... end
module Signing_request : sig ... end