package travesty

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Module type
Class type

2-tuple extensions for Core_kernel.

This just re-exports Travesty_base_exts.Tuple2, but may contain Core_kernel-specific extensions in future.

include module type of Travesty_base_exts.Tuple2
type ('l, 'r) t = 'l * 'r

Type of 2-tuples.

Pairs are trivially bi-mappable; the left type is fst, and the right type is snd. For example:

bi_map ("foo", 27) ~left:String.capitalize ~right:Int.neg
(* returns: ("Foo", -27) *)
include Travesty.Bi_mappable.S2 with type ('l, 'r) t := ('l, 'r) t

Type of containers.

include Base.T2 with type ('l, 'r) t := ('l, 'r) t
include Travesty.Bi_mappable.Generic with type ('l, 'r) t := ('l, 'r) t and type 'l left := 'l and type 'r right := 'r
include Travesty.Bi_mappable.Basic_generic with type ('l, 'r) t := ('l, 'r) t with type 'l left := 'l with type 'r right := 'r
include Travesty.Types_intf.Bi_generic with type ('l, 'r) t := ('l, 'r) t with type 'l left := 'l with type 'r right := 'r
val bi_map : ('l1, 'r1) t -> left:('l1 -> 'l2) -> right:('r1 -> 'r2) -> ('l2, 'r2) t

bi_map c ~left ~right maps left over every 'l1 left, and right over every 'r1 right, in c.

val map_left : ('l1, 'r) t -> f:('l1 -> 'l2) -> ('l2, 'r) t

map_left c ~f maps f over the left type of c only.

val map_right : ('l, 'r1) t -> f:('r1 -> 'r2) -> ('l, 'r2) t

map_right c ~f maps f over the right type of c only.