package capnp-rpc-lwt

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type t

A vat's secret_key allows it to prove its identity to other vats.

val generate : unit -> t

generate () is a fresh secret key. You must call Nocrypto_entropy_lwt.initialize before using this (it will give an error if you forget).

val digest : ?hash:hash -> t -> Digest.t

digest ~hash t is the digest of t's public key, using hash.

val of_pem_data : string -> t

of_pem_data data parses data as a PEM-encoded private key.

val to_pem_data : t -> string

to_pem_data t returns t as a PEM-encoded private key.

val certificates : t -> Tls.Config.own_cert

certificates t is the TLS certificate chain to use for a vat with secret key t.

val pp_fingerprint : hash -> t Fmt.t

pp_fingerprint hash formats the hash of t's public key.

val equal : t -> t -> bool

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