package capnp-rpc-lwt

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Make an Endpoint from an Underlying.flow, using TLS if appropriate.


module Underlying : Mirage_flow_lwt.S


val connect_as_server : switch:Lwt_switch.t -> Underlying.flow -> Auth.Secret_key.t option -> (Endpoint.t, [> `Msg of string ]) Pervasives.result Lwt.t
val connect_as_client : switch:Lwt_switch.t -> Underlying.flow -> Auth.Secret_key.t Lazy.t -> Auth.Digest.t -> (Endpoint.t, [> `Msg of string ]) Pervasives.result Lwt.t

connect_as_client ~switch underlying key digest is an endpoint using flow underlying. If digest requires TLS, it performs a TLS handshake. It uses key as its private key and checks that the server is the one required by auth.


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