package capnp-rpc-lwt

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Cap'n Proto RPC using the Cap'n Proto serialisation and Lwt for concurrency.

include module type of Capnp.BytesMessage

BytesMessage is the standard message format based on OCaml bytes buffers.

BytesMessage is the standard message format based on OCaml bytes buffers.

type 'a or_error = ('a, Capnp_rpc.Error.t) Pervasives.result
module StructRef : sig ... end

A promise for a response structure. You can use the generated _get_pipelined functions on a promise to get a promise for a capability inside the promise, and then pipeline messages to that promise without waiting for the response struct to arrive.

module Capability : sig ... end

A capability is a reference to an object, or to a promise for an object. You can invoke methods on a capability even while it is still only a promise.

module Sturdy_ref : sig ... end
module Service : sig ... end

Functions for service implementors.

module S : sig ... end

Module signatures.

module Endpoint : sig ... end

Send and receive capnp messages over a byte-stream.

module Two_party_network : sig ... end

A network where the is only one other addressable party.

module Auth : sig ... end

Vat-level authentication and encryption.

module Tls_wrapper : sig ... end
module Restorer : sig ... end
module Networking (N : S.NETWORK) (Flow : Mirage_flow_lwt.S) : S.VAT_NETWORK with module Network = N and type flow = Flow.flow and type 'a capability = 'a Capability.t and type restorer = Restorer.t and type service_id = Restorer.Id.t and type 'a sturdy_ref = 'a Sturdy_ref.t

Stretching capability references across a network link. Note: see Capnp_rpc_unix for a higher-level wrapper for this API.

module Persistence : sig ... end

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