package catala

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Module type
Class type

Source code position

type t

A position in the source code is a file, as well as begin and end location of the form col:line

Constructor and getters

val from_lpos : (Lexing.position * Lexing.position) -> t
val from_info : string -> int -> int -> int -> int -> t
val overwrite_law_info : t -> string list -> t
val get_law_info : t -> string list
val get_start_line : t -> int
val get_start_column : t -> int
val get_end_line : t -> int
val get_end_column : t -> int
val get_file : t -> string
val join : t -> t -> t

Returns the smallest range including both supplied ranges.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if they don't belong to the same file. The law position used is the one of the earliest position.


val to_string : t -> string

Formats a position like this:

in file <file>, from <start_line>:<start_col> to <end_line>:<end_col>
val to_string_short : t -> string

Formats a position like this:


This function is compliant with the GNU coding standards.

val format_loc_text : Format.formatter -> t -> unit

Open the file corresponding to the position and retrieves the text concerned by the position

val no_pos : t

Placeholder position