package catala

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Wrapper for the Runtime_ocaml.Runtime.raw_event -- directly collected during the program execution.

There is four type of raw log events:

  • 'BeginCall' is emitted when a function or a subscope is called.
  • 'EndCall' is emitted when a function or a subscope is exited.
  • 'VariableDefinition' is emitted when a variable or a function is defined.
  • 'DecisionTaken' stores the information about the source position of the event.

Represents information about a name in the code -- i.e. variable name, subscope name, etc...

It's a list of strings with a length varying from 2 to 3, where:

  • the first string is the name of the current scope -- starting with a capitalized letter Scope_name,
  • the second string is either: the name of a scope variable or, the name of a subscope input variable -- a_subscope_var.input_var
  • the third string is either: a subscope name (starting with a capitalized letter Subscope_name or, the input (resp. output) string -- which corresponds to the input (resp. the output) of a function.

Serialzed Runtime_ocaml.Runtime.io_log corresponding to a `VariableDefinition` raw event.

Serialized Runtime_ocaml.Runtime.runtime_value corresponding to a 'VariableDefinition' raw event.