package catala

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Module type
Class type
include Lexer_common.LocalisedLexer
val token_list : (string * Tokens.token) list

Same as Surface.Lexer_common.token_list_language_agnostic, but with tokens whose string varies with the input language.

val lex_builtin : string -> Ast.builtin_expression option

Simple lexer for builtins

val lex_code : Sedlexing.lexbuf -> Tokens.token

Main lexing function used in a code block

Main lexing function used outside code blocks

Entry point of the lexer, distributes to lex_code or lex_law depending of the current Surface.Lexer_common.context.

val lex_line : Sedlexing.lexbuf -> (string * Lexer_common.line_token) option

Low-level lexer intended for dependency extraction. The whole line (including "\n" is always returned together with the token. None for EOF.