package dose3

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type changeset = Dose_common.CudfAdd.Cudf_set.t * Dose_common.CudfAdd.Cudf_set.t

a tuple holding the packages to be installed and the packages to be removed

associates to each package name a change_set containing for each package name the associated versions of this package to be installed and removed

val make_solution : universe:Cudf.universe -> solution:Cudf.universe -> changeset

return a changeset containing all the packages to be installed and/or removed

val make_difference : universe:Cudf.universe -> solution:Cudf.universe -> difference

return the difference table where packages are indexed by package name

type summary = {
  1. install : Cudf.package list;
  2. remove : Cudf.package list;
  3. upgrade : (Cudf.package * Cudf.package) list;
  4. downgrade : (Cudf.package * Cudf.package) list;
  5. notchange : Cudf.package list;

The list of packages to install, remove, etc

val make_summary : Cudf.universe -> difference -> summary

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