package dose3

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ProgressBars are printed immediately on stderr. * To be used, the **must** be created outside the functions where * they are used. * They can enabled or disabled (default)

type t
val create : ?enabled:bool -> ?total:int -> ?unbounded:bool -> label -> t

create "barname" : create new a progress bar labelled "barname". The progress bar is disabled by default

val enable : label -> unit

enable "barname" : enable the progress bar with label "barname"

val disable : label -> unit

disable "barname" : disable the progress bar with label "barname"

val set_total : t -> int -> unit

set_total bar 10 : set the max width of the progress bar to 10 units

val progress : ?i:int -> t -> unit

increment the progress bar of i units

val reset : t -> unit

reset the progress bar

val available : unit -> label list

return the labels of all available progress bar


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