package dose3

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Debug, Info and Warning messages are printed immediately on stderr. * Info messages are enabled per default. Debug and Warning messages * must be enabled explicitely

type t
val create : ?enabled:bool -> label -> t

create a new message handle with label t . * Printing is disabled per default

val eprintf : ?raw:bool -> t -> ('a, unit, string, unit) Stdlib.format4 -> 'a

Print the message on stderr if the Util module has been * set to verbose using the function make_verbose and * either the handle t is enable or all handles were enabled with * the function all_enabled

val enable : label -> unit

enable l the handle with label l

val disable : label -> unit

disable l the handle with label l

val all_disabled : unit -> unit

disable all handles in the module

val all_enabled : unit -> unit

enable all handles in the module

val avalaible : unit -> label list

return the list of all labels known to the module

val is_enabled : label -> bool

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