package ecaml

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Module type
Class type
val create : ?parents:bool -> Filename.t -> unit

(describe-function 'make-directory) (Info-goto-node "(elisp)Create/Delete Dirs")

val delete : ?recursive:bool -> Filename.t -> unit

(describe-function 'delete-directory) (Info-goto-node "(elisp)Create/Delete Dirs")

val files : ?absolute:bool -> ?include_dot_and_dotdot:bool -> ?matching:Regexp.t -> ?sort:bool -> Filename.t -> Filename.t list

(describe-function 'directory-files) (Info-goto-node "(elisp)Contents of Directories")

val files_recursively : ?include_directories:bool -> ?matching:Regexp.t -> Filename.t -> Filename.t list

(describe-function 'directory-files-recursively) (Info-goto-node "(elisp)Contents of Directories")

val make_temp_dir : prefix:string -> suffix:string -> Filename.t

(describe-function 'make-temp-file) (Info-goto-node "(elisp)Unique File Names")

val with_temp_dir : (_, 'a) Sync_or_async.t -> f:(Filename.t -> 'a) -> prefix:string -> suffix:string -> 'a

Creates a temp directory, calls f on its name, and deletes it after f returns, even if f returns by raising.

N.B. This is not the behavior of (describe-function 'with-temp-file).

val for_temp_files_customization : Filename.t Customization.t

The directory to use for temporary files. (describe-variable 'temporary-file-directory).

val for_temp_files : unit -> Filename.t

for_temp_files () = Customization.value for_temp_files_customization

val for_temp_files_of_current_buffer : unit -> Filename.t

You probably want for_temp_files. Beware, if the current buffer is a tramp buffer on a remote host, then the temporary file directory will be on the remote host. This function is only available starting in emacs 26. In earlier versions, this reads the variable temporary-file-directory. (describe-function 'temporary-file-directory).


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