package ecaml

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A minor mode provides optional features that users may enable or disable independently of the choice of major mode. Minor modes can be enabled individually or in combination.

(Info-goto-node "(elisp)Minor Modes")

type t = {
  1. function_name : Symbol.t;
  2. variable_name : Symbol.t;
val variable_name : t -> Symbol.t
val function_name : t -> Symbol.t
val sexp_of_t : t -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t
val create : ?variable_name:Symbol.t -> Symbol.t -> t
val is_enabled : t -> bool

Returns true if t is defined and enabled, and false otherwise.

val disable : t -> unit
val enable : t -> unit
val temporarily_disable : (unit, 'a) Sync_or_async.t -> t -> f:(unit -> 'a) -> 'a
val abbrev : t

(describe-variable 'abbrev-mode) (describe-function 'abbrev-mode)

val auto_fill : t

(describe-variable 'auto-fill-mode) (describe-function 'auto-fill-mode)

val goto_address : t

(describe-variable 'goto-address-mode) (describe-function 'goto-address-mode)

val read_only : t

(describe-variable 'buffer-read-only) (describe-function 'read-only-mode)

val view : t

(describe-variable 'view-mode) (describe-function 'view-mode)

val visual_line : t

(describe-variable 'visual-line-mode) (describe-function 'visual-line-mode)

val url_handler : t

(describe-variable 'url-handler-mode) (describe-function 'url-handler-mode)

val keymap : t -> Keymap.t option

Find the keymap that is active when the given minor mode is enabled, if such a keymap exists.

(describe-variable 'minor-mode-map-alist)

val keymap_exn : t -> Keymap.t
val define_minor_mode : Symbol.t -> Core.Source_code_position.t -> docstring:string -> ?define_keys:(string * Symbol.t) list -> ?mode_line:string -> global:bool -> ?initialize:(t -> unit) -> unit -> t

(describe-function 'define-minor-mode) (Info-goto-node "(elisp)Defining Minor Modes")

Additionally, each key_sequence, symbol in define_keys is added to the new minor mode's keymap.

module Private : sig ... end

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