package ecaml

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Module type
Class type

This module is used to enforce the expected types of registered callbacks.

type 'a t
val register : 'a t -> Core.Source_code_position.t -> f:'a -> should_run_holding_async_lock:bool -> unit
val dispatch_function : (Ecaml_value__.Caml_embedded_id.t -> Value.t array -> Value.t) t

dispatch_function is how Emacs calls from C to OCaml.

val end_of_module_initialization : (unit -> unit) t

The C code arranges to call end_of_module_initialization at the end of emacs_module_init, which is what Emacs calls to initialize an Ecaml plugin. This is after all the other top-level OCaml code has run.

val free_embedded_caml_values : (Ecaml_value__.Caml_embedded_id.t array -> unit) t

free_embedded_caml_values removes entries for any embeded ocaml values that are not longer used in emacs and are scheduled to be removed. The function runs whenever we enter OCaml from emacs, provided of course that there are values to collect.

val report_exn_when_calling_callback : exn -> unit

report_exn_when_calling_callback is called when the infrastructure that calls a callbacks raises. This is a rare situation, e.g. Out_of_memory.


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